Systemic racism continues to suppress the rights, dignity and prosperity of our Black communities. As an agency and as individuals, we are against all forms of bias and discrimination, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or the color of one’s skin. We are committed to taking the meaningful action needed to impact lasting change, within our business and our culture. And we know there is more work to be done. We are starting by looking inward, focusing on ourselves as an agency family, and acknowledging where we are now – and where the opportunities are to grow.


While our composite representation for People of Color and Gender is on par with the US population, Black talent is underrepresented across all levels and roles, and we are actively working to further diversify our workforce through the re-evaluation of our hiring, retention, and promotion practices.



We are devoting ourselves to creating an actionable impact for underrepresented and underserved communities so that their valuable perspectives and voices can be seen and equitably represented by:

  • Supporting Allyship & Action, with a donation of $100,000 to further its cause for sustainable, scalable, systemic change.

  • Pledging to 600&Rising, and participating in the #CommitToChange campaign.

  • Donating our services to help four Los Angeles-based black-owned companies grow their businesses.

  • Honoring Juneteenth as an annual company holiday - dedicated in service of Black communities.

  • Establishing the Braver Together Culture Team, a diverse group of employees acting as a dedicated task force and stewards cultivating diversity, equality and inclusion at the agency.

  • Expanding our partnerships with Year Up!, Light Bringer Project, Film2Future, Dynamic Girls, AEF MADE, and the 4A’s MAIP and securing internships and full time for candidates from these programs.

  • Accelerating our recruiting efforts to increase Black talent at every level, striving to achieve equal representation and provide even greater opportunity for Black talent on an ongoing basis.

  • Partnering with the DE&I expert and consultant, TOSHA, and instituting an education process, in which everyone in the company, from top down, will participate to ensure we are creating a culture that nourishes diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Additionally, we are also seeking ways to accurately represent our current and future employees by diversifying our data practices to be inclusive of gender identification data, expanding with the inclusion of transgender and non-binary to go beyond EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) categories as reported.


We will be holding ourselves and each other accountable along the way by publicly sharing a quarterly update on our progress including our agency’s composite data of staff.